Packaging Machines

Manuel Case Folding

Manuel Filling Case Packer has been developed according to customer requirements, which the end product is controlled via operator during placing into the shipping case.

Shipping case is placed to the machine and end product is placed into the shipping case via operator manuely.

Hot Melt and Seal Tape applications are in squence just after completion of manuel product placing/filling into the case.

In case of requirement, missing product identification executed via weighing the shipping case.


Automatic Case Folding

All steps are executed automaticly, from end-product entry until shipping case leaving the case packer.

Preparation of shipping case be ready for filling, Hot Melt application and Seal Tape applications are all in squence and automatic.

In case of requirement, missing product identification executed via weighing the shipping case.

Labeling Apps. Systems

Label application systems place the label/sticker/hologram or any specific printed/blank stickers to the specified area with control system to reject the improper applications.

Safety Guards

- Guard System is designed for safety satisfying customers specifications / expectations and manufactured to run at optimum performance conforming CE regulations and related machine directives.

- Safety Guard shields the moving parts of a machine in order to prevent accidental injury providing full visibility and access to any area of the machine

- Design for easy removal and replacement – makes tasks such as cleaning, machine adjustment or belt changes easier - particularly if this needs to be done regularly.


Product Stacker Systems

Product Stacker System prepares the end products ready in requested format (amount, row, column, etc.) fitting the shipping case properties, which is easy for operator to fill the case.

This system can be incorperated with Sticker Application equipment.

Missing Product Identification

Missing Product Identification/Seperation systems works based on weighing control of shipping cases just before leaving the packing station.

To ensure the end product amount in the shipping case, product sensing feature is added to the system.

Special Products

Quality Control Test Equipment for high speed manufacturing prosesses to decide “Go”or “No Go”.